The Flipflopi Expedition

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If a boat made entirely from recycled plastic and flip flops washed up and found on Kenya’s beautiful beaches sounds like child’s play, take a look at the incredible, pioneering Flipflopi. As the boat with a global conservation message returns from its historic maiden voyage along the coast to Zanzibar, we take a look back at the day the vessel was first unveiled in Diani, on 30 January 2019. Nomad hosted Flipflopi’s short stopover on its way to Tanzania from its island home of Lamu.

One of many highlights was a visit from young representatives of 7 schools in Diani and Kwale. The Marine Education Center at The Sands arranged for a total of 109 students and 16 teachers to celebrate the arrival of Flipflopi with several different activities, including visiting and boarding the Dhow, workshops with REEFolution, a tour of the center and some plastic bottle art. The founders of Flipflopi aim to inspire the next generation to take up the mantel of conserving our oceans and building a sustainable future.

A fantastic well done to the team at Flipflopi and local partner Kwale Plastics Plus for the launch of Flipflopi!