Thinking Green: Nomad farm

Did you know The Sands has its own farm? The five-acre farm is an ideal spot for The Sands to grow its own fresh produce. A new vegetable garden uses the guiding principles of permaculture farming, combined with waste recycling and up cycling.

Raised growing beds set on shallow soil and coral have been created using homemade organic compost from restaurant waste and organic material. A wormary has been built to produce the highly nutritious ‘vermin tea’ which is used as an organic fertiliser.

Over the past three months, the Nomad farm has produced over three kilograms of cherry tomatoes, yellow guavas, passion fruits and lettuces. The up-coming rains will help pave the way for the farm to begin growing fruit and vegetables in bulk for the Nomad restaurant as well as the mass production of compost and vermin tea. The farm will soon be home to 100 chickens, all fed on organic vegetable waste.