Kenana Knitters in the Nomad Boutique

Stop by our beautifully stocked boutique for some beachside retail therapy. Our gorgeous selection of hand-knitted toys from Kenana Knitters are an ideal gift for the little ones in your life – and a brilliant way to help empower disadvantaged Kenyan women.

Founded in 1998 in the agricultural area of Njoro, on the western rim of Kenya’s stunning Rift Valley, Kenana Knitters was set-up with the aim of enabling women in rural farming villages to derive a much needed source of income using their spinning and knitting skills. Kenana Knitters was founded on the premise of ‘changing lives stitch by stitch.’

Today, Kenana Knitters employs 500 Kenyan women to knit and spin and make a brighter future for themselves and their families. Knitting is ideal for women who are juggling multiple roles and responsibilities within the home, out in the fields and in the community – often for little or no pay – as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in small chunks of time whilst carrying out other daily activities. Kenana Knitters is committed to paying fair wages and creating high quality, organic products using AZO free dyes and natural plant dyes from locally grown plants, adding vibrancy, colour and depth to the designs. Each unique design is a hand-crafted creation, telling the individual stories of rural Kenyan women and bearing the signature of the woman who made it.

We are proud to support the women of Kenana Knitters and to stock their creations in the Nomad Boutique.

New rooms with an Ocean View

Luxuriate in our gorgeous new Ocean View rooms and bask in the breathtaking sight of the Indian Ocean. With the finest, velvety-soft furnishings, crisp white sheets, beautiful bathrooms and ocean-blue colours, the new rooms are the ideal pick for your stay at The Sands.

Picture yourself reclining on a perfectly positioned sunbed on a private lawn as a kikoy sunshade billows in the air. For ultimate peace and privacy, you can always retreat to our balcony or veranda, grab a good holiday read and enjoy an ice-cold beverage. Or simply sit and be mezmerised by the scenes unfolding on powdery white sands as crystal clear waters lap against the shoreline.

Welcome to your holiday at The Sands, where nature meets luxury, elegance and romance.

Wine and dine in our new wine cellar

Looking for that extra special experience? Our sleek and sophisticated new wine cellar is the perfect place to dine in style and taste Old World and New World wines. With an expert sommelier on hand to guide you through a superb selection of wines, we’ve got something to suit every palette. Experienced wine lovers and occasional drinkers alike can indulge in an eclectic tasting menu featuring mouthwatering cheese, divine chocolate and sizzling seafood options.

The cellar’s stunning décor, with a beautifully crafted oak table as the centerpiece, provides an elegant ambience in which to learn about wine. If you’d like more than a tasting, why not opt for a private dinner? We can host a party of friends, ladies who lunch and romantic dinners for two. Karibu!

Top 5 things to do at The Sands


  1. Relaxing spa treatment

Unwind with a luxurious massage at our eco-friendly spa retreat. Treat yourself to one of our soothing spa treatments that are perfectly designed to pamper, balance and awaken your senses.


  1. Stand-up Paddleboarding

Enjoy a leisurely SUP ride through calm, crystal-clear waters and meander through the stunning underwater delights parading around the coral reef. Perfect for couples and families.


  1. Beachside shopping

Indulge in a spot of retail therapy at our boutique and browse through our gorgeous selection of beautifully made clothing, African art, jewellery, swimwear, sunglasses and natural spa products.


  1. Diving

Dive to the depths of Kenya’s exotic Indian Ocean. Based at The Sands and with over 30 years experience, Diving the Crab offers an unparalleled level of expertise and a comprehensive range of diving courses for both new and experienced divers. Kids’ adventure dives allow children to discover a magical underwater kingdom at some of Kenya’s most renowned dive sites.


  1. Fine dining

Dine to the early evening sounds of the sea as a cool breeze twirls through the relaxed ambience of our beachfront restaurant. Choose from our bespoke wine menu selection and a range of spirits, cocktails and liqueurs to complement your choice of delicious, international cuisine. A kids menu and ice-cream bar may seal the deal for your little ones.

GDPR: New Privacy Policy

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 15 May 2018, we’ve been updating our privacy policy. The GDPR is a new European law that governs the personal data and information of EU citizens so that individuals have control over how their data is captured and used.

Your privacy is important to us and we’ve made sure that our Privacy Policy fully complies with the GDPR. You can view our Privacy Policy below.

Privacy Policy Beach Sand Sun Ltd

The Sands’ Little Farmer’s Market

In the age-old tradition of farmers markets, albeit with an Indian Ocean, beachside twist, The Sands plays host each month to Diani’s only farmers market.

Our vibrant Little Farmers Market brings together community members, guests, farmers and small enterprises in support of locally grown, organic produce. We’ve got stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious homemade breads, divine cakes and pastries and natural healthcare products, including hibiscus tea and spirulina. There’s a chance to sample what’s on offer before deciding what to buy, although you have been warned that the cakes disappear early on!

Connecting with those who grow the food we eat helps to improve the local economy, preserve natural resources and deepen knowledge and awareness of the importance of sustainable farming. Buying locally saves on wasteful packaging materials and is more environmentally conscious. For the health conscious, it also ensures that foods are fresher and richer in nutrients than they tend to be when transported from far or bought in a shop.

Taste the goodness on offer at our farmers market, held at the Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant on the first Saturday of every month, from 11am to 1pm.

Thinking Green: Nomad farm

Did you know The Sands has its own farm? The five-acre farm is an ideal spot for The Sands to grow its own fresh produce. A new vegetable garden uses the guiding principles of permaculture farming, combined with waste recycling and up cycling.

Raised growing beds set on shallow soil and coral have been created using homemade organic compost from restaurant waste and organic material. A wormary has been built to produce the highly nutritious ‘vermin tea’ which is used as an organic fertiliser.

Over the past three months, the Nomad farm has produced over three kilograms of cherry tomatoes, yellow guavas, passion fruits and lettuces. The up-coming rains will help pave the way for the farm to begin growing fruit and vegetables in bulk for the Nomad restaurant as well as the mass production of compost and vermin tea. The farm will soon be home to 100 chickens, all fed on organic vegetable waste.

Thinking Green: Eco-rating certificate

The Sands at Nomad has been awarded the prestigious silver eco-rating certificate from Eco-Tourism Kenya. This award, which we are proud to announce, is in recognition of our pioneering Thinking Green initiatives to further sustainable tourism and through the preservation of Kenya’s rich and varied environmental and cultural heritage.

Our environmentally conscious projects have included regular beach clean-ups (often with our guests joining in) and a paper and plastics initiative to recycle, up-cycle and help to reduce plastic waste and pollution in our ocean. The Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant now uses biodegradable paper straws and re-chargeable, LED tea-lights in place of paraffin wax candles to avoid the harmful toxins created by burning candles. Guests are also invited to visit our special turtle hatchery, built in partnership with the local Diani Turtle Watch, to save and protect these precious and endangered sea creatures. The first sea turtle nest of 2018, containing 130 eggs, was recently trans-located to the hatchery. Watch this space for more news on this and other nests to come!

The art of wine

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘sommelier’ before and privately wondered what a sommelier does. Trained in the delicate art of how wine works both alone and in harmony with food, a sommelier is a highly skilled master of wine. We are delighted to introduce our own resident sommelier.

Moses has been sharing his extensive knowledge and flair for wine with our team. Moses’ role has involved training our waiting staff in the world of wine, preparing carefully paired tastings and advising on the new wine menu selection. Drawing out the individual compositions and intrinsic characteristics and subtleties of wine, Moses will be happy to recommend a suitable wine to indulge your palate and complement your choice of cuisine. So sit back, relax and let us pour you a glass of our finest.