Thinking Green: Eco-rating certificate

The Sands at Nomad has been awarded the prestigious silver eco-rating certificate from Eco-Tourism Kenya. This award, which we are proud to announce, is in recognition of our pioneering Thinking Green initiatives to further sustainable tourism and through the preservation of Kenya’s rich and varied environmental and cultural heritage.

Our environmentally conscious projects have included regular beach clean-ups (often with our guests joining in) and a paper and plastics initiative to recycle, up-cycle and help to reduce plastic waste and pollution in our ocean. The Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant now uses biodegradable paper straws and re-chargeable, LED tea-lights in place of paraffin wax candles to avoid the harmful toxins created by burning candles. Guests are also invited to visit our special turtle hatchery, built in partnership with the local Diani Turtle Watch, to save and protect these precious and endangered sea creatures. The first sea turtle nest of 2018, containing 130 eggs, was recently trans-located to the hatchery. Watch this space for more news on this and other nests to come!

The art of wine

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘sommelier’ before and privately wondered what a sommelier does. Trained in the delicate art of how wine works both alone and in harmony with food, a sommelier is a highly skilled master of wine. We are delighted to introduce our own resident sommelier.

Moses has been sharing his extensive knowledge and flair for wine with our team. Moses’ role has involved training our waiting staff in the world of wine, preparing carefully paired tastings and advising on the new wine menu selection. Drawing out the individual compositions and intrinsic characteristics and subtleties of wine, Moses will be happy to recommend a suitable wine to indulge your palate and complement your choice of cuisine. So sit back, relax and let us pour you a glass of our finest.

Dive with whale sharks

Dive to the depths of Kenya’s stunning Indian Ocean and experience the unique thrill of getting up close and personal with the majestic whale shark. These gentle giants of the ocean, comparable in size to some species of whale, are the world’s largest fish and a deep-sea diver’s dream.

Measuring between 18ft to 32ft and weighing over 20 tons, whale sharks inhabit tropical and temperate ocean climates. Papa (shark) shillingi (silver coins), as they are known in Kiswahili, have distinct coin-like markings that give each one its individuality. The normally laid-back, slow and graceful whale shark, feasts mostly on plankton – plants and small fish – with its noticeably wide mouth, preserving other prominent sea dwellers and visiting divers.

Get your diving gear ready, charge your underwater camera and chance upon a remarkable encounter between November and March, when whale shark sightings are a frequent occurrence along Diani Beach as these magnificent creatures come out to play.

Watersports for the whole family

Paddle through the peaceful calm of crystal-clear, turquoise waters or catch a wave beyond the reef at our brilliant new watersports center. Whether you are an experienced thrill-seeker or searching for gentler water-based pursuits, we’ve got something for the whole family to enjoy.

Feel the swell of the waves lift you up as you kayak out to sea or surge into the surf with a spot of bodyboarding. Teenagers in particular might welcome the chance to skim board along the shoreline: the beachside answer to skateboarding. If still waters appeal more, why not flex your muscles with a windsurfing session? Take a fun snorkeling trip together and watch a hidden parade of colourful marine life.

We offer first class instruction and brand new, specialised equipment to help you make the most of your stay with us on the breathtaking Indian Ocean.

Relaxing retreat

Indulge in a luxurious, revitalising massage therapy at our eco-friendly spa retreat as Colobus monkeys abound in the trees. Set within 26 acres of pristine coastal forest, the Forest Breeze Wellness Center harnesses the calming energies of the trees and the cool sea breeze twirling softly through the air to provide the perfect ambience in which to relax.

Our signature spa treatments are designed to pamper, balance and re-energise. Treat yourself to an uplifting Chai massage therapy, based on the healing properties of Kenyan green tea, hibiscus and liquorice to re-fresh and soften the skin whilst awakening the senses. Or how about a soothing aromatherapy massage? This holistic treatment is based on the psychological and physical benefits of essential oils.

Our experienced and skillfully trained therapists perform all our treatments using only the best natural products. D’VINE, a luxury skin and body care range in Kenya, uses the healing essence of natural oils, butters and botanicals. Cinnabar Green, a natural cosmetics company based in Laikipia, Kenya, offers a range of essential oils taken from organic aromatic plants grown in herb gardens on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. Coconut oil is also one of our requisite oils for massaging the skin. Its natural properties heal and nourish the skin with Vitamin E leaving it softer, whilst relaxing muscles and performing the seemingly elusive task of delaying aging.

At Forest Breeze our aim is to treat and indulge and to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.